Sergi Ferrés

Cameraman. Producing and editing videos. Into communication, marketing, teaching, documentaries, TV and other things I love.



Joan Carles Oliver

"Sergi transmits professionalism and confidence. He makes sure to understand you and ask you to clear meanings, always kindly and in a close mood. The sensation I have felt, talking with him, is that everything is going to be fine."


Some customers

TV3 Televisió de Catalunya
Memorial Democràtic
Universitat de Barcelona
Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona
Clínica Bofill
Agència Catalana de Notícies
Digital Hits
Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya

About me

My name is Sergi Ferrés and I'm an audiovisual communication professional. After graduating in Audiovisual and Multimedia at the University, I studied a Master in Documentary Production and several courses about digital marketing, neuromarketing, emotional intelligence and NLP, within other specialties related with communication, my big passion.


I worked both in companies and as a freelancer. That gave me the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects and work teams and to learn how to adapt myself in adverse situations and under pressure. Learning from all the people that I have met during these years have been a luck for me.


I like projects that stimulates me and awakes my need of joining them. I love challenges and adventures.


If we talk about personal life, I have lived and worked in some international cities like Oslo, San Diego and Barcelona. These experiences have made me discover new ways of living, thinking and working, and they awake me even more the curiosity to get to know people, cultures and places around the world.


Dreams? Filming a documentary about polar bears, learning how to do magic tricks, stepping onto the Antarctica and, specially, never stop dreaming (and traveling!).

If you wish to know more about myself, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or at the other side of the email.